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More teachers to compensate for loss of student finance’s basic grant
The education of students in Utrecht is supposed to improve in the coming years by implementing additional teachers, new forms of education and more intensive guidance. Read more

Minister of Education: ‘UU diversity policy is its own responsibility’
Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven is responding to the commotion that surrounded the project plan from the Taskforce Diversity. Read more

Registration renewed marathon now open to UUers
The USP Marathon will continue under the name Utrecht Marathon and has been moved from March to May. The Utrecht Science Park will still be the start and finish location. UU employees can now register for free. Read more

Win tickets for IT-conference exec(ut)
Student affairs
Students in Utrecht aren’t travelling to Amsterdam STD clinics
The idea that students in Utrecht often go to sex clinics in Amsterdam for STD tests, as uttered by political party Student & Starter, isn’t based on facts. Read more

Invitation to participate in National Student Survey received in spam-box
Students of Utrecht University received a reminder, to complete the National Student Survey. In this national survey students give an opinion about their study programme. The first invitation ended up in the spam-box for many students. Read more

National Ombudsman: ‘Including student as co-author justified’
The National Ombudsman thinks it’s justified that the UU board has reprimanded two scientists. The researchers had neglected to include a student as co-author in a scientific article. Read more

Avoid homesickness with exchange food from your home with the locals
Spotlight on research
A digital tracker dog for datasets
Brand-new professor Rens van de Schoot recently acquired an algorithm that can select relevant scientific articles from libraries. The software could save researchers hours of work. Read more

Dutch research cited remarkably often
Dutch science has greatly developed in the recent past. Social science research is cited most often worldwide, but other disciplines score high as well. Read more

Young Academy: ‘New NWO requirements must be thrown out immediately’
The new requirements the NWO established in 2018 for Vidi grant applications have negative consequences for researchers, says chairwoman Belle Derks of The Young Academy. “We’d prefer to see this decision be abolished immediately.”  Read more

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