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UU turns off coloured grades in MyUU app after criticism
Three weeks ago, the MyUU app was given a makeover. In the latest update, all grades were colour-coded, which some students said increases the pressure to perform. Read more

Alumnus of the year steals the show at UU birthday bash
Education for life. That was the theme of the Dies Natalis celebration in the Dom church on March 26. The programme was chock full of lectures and awards, with laudatios and acceptance speeches. Read more

‘Utrecht University should promote itself better to prevent damage to reputation’
The quality of UU research is good, but the presentation of research both in the Netherlands and abroad is too fragmented. Such is the conclusion of marketing researcher Daniel Guhr. Read more

No European research grant for the UU
The Netherlands are doing well in the race for European research funds. No fewer than 23 top scientists working at Dutch research institutions have managed to obtain a so-called ‘advanced grant’ from the European Research Council. Read more

Blossom season in the backyard of the Trans and the University Hall in Utrecht
UU: 'Reporting point is at odds with what we stand for'
Anton Pijpers, President of the Executive Board of the University of Utrecht, stated that the Forum for Democracy indoctrination reporting point “is at odds with what the University stands for”. He emphasizes that teachers deserve respect. Read more

'Politics has to undo out-of-control Englification’ 
More than 180 professors, authors, and other prominent people are urging Parliament to battle the demise of the Dutch language in higher education. They’re afraid Dutch will disappear from academia entirely. Read more

Minister: ‘Men and women can sit wherever they want at the UU’
Universities should not obstruct women’s emancipation, says education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven in response to parliamentary questions about a lecture at the UU in which men and women were seemingly separated. Read more

Why DUB does not mention the name of 'the' teacher
blog In the past few weeks, the UU has found itself in a Twitter storm or a Facebook riot rather often. The comments are not always subtle. How does DUB deal with this? What do we copy and what not? Read more

A university-wide wellbeing week will be introduced
Student affairs
Five student associations at risk of losing UU/HU subsidies
They don’t have enough members that are enrolled at either of these two institutions. The associations have until October to change this. Read more

Students may still finish Erasmus exchange in case of hard Brexit
Students and teachers who are on exchange with an Erasmus grant, don’t have to worry about their studies or internships in case of a hard Brexit. They’ll be allowed to finish their programmes. Read more

On the language barrier in Netherlands
blog For international students the verdict seems clear, writes UCU student Claudia Ionita. You either learn Dutch or settle for a bleak extracurricular life. Read more

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