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Mumps breakout among Utrecht Students
In the past few weeks, several Utrecht students have been found to be infected with mumps. The GGD Utrecht (the public health service) advises students and staff of educational institutions to vaccinate against the infectious disease. Read more

Triton wins special edition Varsity
video Volunteer at the Varsity Yvette Bak had a good feeling. This year the Utrecht rowing club Triton would finally win again after 52 years. DUB made a video portrait of a cool rower who helped to make this most important rowing competition in the Netherlands a success. Read more

How English can your Dutch Bachelor’s programme be?
For most Bachelor’s programmes at the UU, Dutch is the main language. At the same time, the university is becoming more international, and Bachelor students should prepare themselves for Master’s programmes that are taught in English. That can create friction. Read more

UU won’t fire ‘Volkert’ teacher
The UU is giving the teacher who, after Thierry Baudet’s victory at last month’s elections, wrote the words ‘Volkert, where are you?’ on Facebook, another chance. If the teacher makes a mistake anytime in the next two years, he will be fired. Read more

Questions in city council about dangerous Uithof intersection
Why nothing has been done in the past few years to make the T-intersection at the Universiteitsweg and Leuvenlaan safer? Political parties ChristenUnie and CDA are asking clarification about this from the Utrecht city council. Read more

Win tickets for Gosto in TivoliVredenburg
Internationals obtain their diploma faster than Dutch students
The study success of bachelor's students from universities is declining: only 71 percent of the 2013-2014 class obtained the diploma within four years. International students graduate faster in bachelor and master’s degrees. Read more

Internationals want to read practical and critical stories on DUB
International students and employees at UU feel it’s important that the university has an independent medium like DUB. They also need practical information about the city and the university. This and more became apparent from a study DUB conducted. Read more

UU least international university of the Netherlands
More and more international students choose to do Bachelor’s programmes at Dutch universities, but the Master’s programmes remain the most popular. Utrecht University has the smallest share of international students. Read more

An alternative perspective on internationalisation
Marcel van Aken, dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, doesn't agree whit the call to stop the 'verengelsing' of the universities. English is the 'lingua franca' of science. Read more

National Girlsday: a day with the aim of getting  girls interested in science, technology and ICT
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UU staff and students dine and speak with foreign speakers
UU students and members of staff spoke with eighty foreign speakers in the Academy Building under the motto “Utrechters talking with Utrechters”. Read more

Rectors: supervise and assess all PhD candidates equally
How do we safeguard the quality of dissertations, and how to we ensure all PhD candidates receive quality supervision? After the commotion surrounding the ‘PhD factory’ at Tilburg University, rectors from all university announce their joint response. Read more

Alleged assaulter follows lectures online after petition
A student from Erasmus University no longer has to attend compulsory lectures with her alleged assaulter. The petition she started to no longer be confronted with him has had its effect. Read more

No European research grant for the UU
The Netherlands are doing well in the race for European research funds. No fewer than 23 top scientists working at Dutch research institutions have managed to obtain a so-called ‘advanced grant’ from the European Research Council. The UU, however, didn’t get any this time. Read more

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