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‘University staff feels unsafe’
Research by unions FNV and VAWO shows that four in ten university staff members are affected by bullying, gossip, exclusion or abuse of power. The Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) sounded the alarm as well. Read more

Internationals want to learn Dutch, but drop out quickly
Being able to speak Dutch is good for the social life of foreign students, for education and for the economy. But internationals mention a lack of time. Read more

Spar University to stop selling tobacco from May 31 onwards
'Stop smoking, start shagging’. This slogan is now on all tobacco products in the Spar store in De Uithof. Those who want to get one of these packs will have to rush: the supermarket will stop selling tobacco products. Read more

UU organises its first Wellbeing Week for students
Exams, binding study advice, board work, and a social life. How do students deal with the stress that comes with leading a student life? That’s the question at the heart of the UU’s first Wellbeing Week. Read more

Scientists should make it clearer that they're attached to the UU
Around Town
Bike sharing more and more popular: ‘My bike never gets stolen anymore’
Bike sharing is becoming increasingly popular among students in Utrecht. Beside the Campusbike, the OV-fiets (public transportation bike), and Swapfiets, a trial started recently with orange share-bikes . Read more

‘Going berserk on King’s Day’
King’s Day means a big party in the city center of Utrecht. The orange hats are brought out for the day and the orange ‘tompoezen’ are already on the supermarket shelves. How do international students experience King’s Day? Read more

Impact café Law Faculty: ‘Nudging is like gunpowder’
How do we get people to not only think about sustainability, but also act sustainably? The answer is nudging: subtly influencing human behaviour by means of psychological ‘tricks’. But how ethical is this type of behaviour modification really? Read more

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Family paid 6.5 million dollars in American admissions scandal
Chinese parents supposedly paid 6.5 million dollars to get their daughter into Stanford University. The student’s mother says she was unaware of any wrongdoing and claims to have fallen victim to a scam. Read more

Controversy about expensive farewell parties at University of Groningen
Student movement Democratic Academy Groningen (DAG) thinks the University of Groningen is spending far too much money on farewell parties for its board members. In one year’s time, the university spent a total of 110,000 euros on this. Read more

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