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Student hotel wants to come to Utrecht
The Student Hotel wants to open a new location at the Jaarbeursplein in four years’ time. It’s the second time the hotel chain is attempting to establish itself in Utrecht. The hotel chain isn’t without controversy. Student representatives are unhappy. Read more

New financing system higher education: more money to Science and Technology, 1.2 million less for UU
The Van Rijn committee wants to make the funding less dependent on the number of students. Study programmes in science and technology will receive more money. Read more

Critical committee ultimately positive about Utrecht quality plans
An advisory committee hesitantly judges the Utrecht plans to improve education with the so-called study advance funds as satisfactory. This was the result of a day of conversations on Wednesday. Read more

Veterinary student Tim competed in a horse driving race
Universities struggle with internationals in co-determination
The discussion on whether Utrecht University’s University Council should hold its meetings in English or not, has officially started, now there’s an employee running for a seat who doesn’t speak Dutch. Read more

DUB panel about the UU official car: ‘Could we do a little less?’
Last year, Anton Pijpers declared 124,000 euros of travel costs as expenditures. The university president says these are ‘a condition for being able to do his job properly, timely, and in confidence’. Most of the DUB panel members disagree. Read more

UUinAction protests against high expense claims with cargo bike taxi
Members of the new party UUinAction offer students and teachers the opportunity to ride in a cargo bike taxi to win votes for the University Council elections this week and to draw attention to the fact that they intend to be critical. Read more

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Can students and teachers be friends?
Reacting to each other’s Facebook posts? Meeting up for drinks at a bar? Are these things you can do with your teacher? The DUB panel members feel there are boundaries for the amiable relations between students and teachers. Read more

Who has priority over this dangerous intersection?
video For many years, the Leuvenlaan - Universiteitsweg traffic intersection in Utrecht's Uithof has been the scene of (almost) accidents. Who has priority here? Read more

How do students deal with stress? Research should provide more clarity
The university must help students manage their stress better. With that premise, Michèle Gerbrands, innovation advisor at Biomedical Sciences, investigates how Fitbits, pedometers and sport apps for example can help with that. Read more

'Let scientists themselves explain why they deserve grants’
How will scientists be assessed and recognised in the future? ZonMW board chairman Jeroen Geurts has a clear vision: get rid of the current checklists and listen to the researcher’s story. Read more

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