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What everybody is talking about
What are the best spots in De Uithof?
DUB lists the best ones at Utrecht Science Park – both known and hidden. Read more

International students have difficulty connecting
A study by three student organizations shows that international students miss contact with their Dutch fellow students. They also suffer a lot from stress. Read more

Interest rate increase on student debts rejected
A decision has been made: the bill to increase the interest on student debts has definitively been rejected. Minister Van Engelshoven did not receive enough support from the Senate. Read more

Win tickets for Dean Lewis in TivoliVredenburg
Parking in De Uithof will cost you (more) money
UU employees who commute to Utrecht Science Park by car will have to pay for parking from October 1, 2019 on. The parking fees for students and visitors in De Uithof will increase significantly. Read more

Why the bus made way for a tram line
Exactly thirty years ago, the decision was made to create the Uithoflijn tram. Back then, no one could have foreseen that it would take three decades to construct it. Former city council member and expert Wolfgang Spier lists the history of the tram for DUB. Read more

Uithoflijn will probably start riding on July 29
If everything goes well, the tram between Utrecht CS and De Uithof will start travelling with passengers from the end of July. It was previously assumed that the tram line would start in December. Read more

New cycle path along Leuvenlaan expected to increase safety
The municipality is taking measures to prevent accidents at the Leuvenlaan-Universiteitsweg T-junction. ChristenUnie and CDA municipal councillors now also want adjustments in other places at Utrecht Science Park. Read more

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Science & education
Teacher Chantal says goodbye – the battery ran out
At age eighteen, Chantal Boonacker (42) was declared to be fully unfit to work because of her muscle disease. The UMC teacher and former Paralympian swimmer ignored this. Now, however, the only option left is to quit. Read more

Government demands continuation of the student-PhD experiment
The government wants minister Van Engelshoven to start a new round of applications for student-PhD candidates. A motion submitted by the CDA party received broad support. Read more

Full open access postponed by a year
We’ll have to have a little more patience before all articles by Dutch scientists are available for free. Publishers and knowledge institutions will have a year longer to switch to full open access. Read more

Student life
How to attend conferences as a student - for next to nothing
Bram Schipper, Master’s student Science and Business Management, managed to attend an extremely expensive conference on competitive intelligence for next to nothing. He shares his story of how he achieved this. Read more

Marcel van Hooijdonk once again named slumlord of the year
Marcel van Hooijdonk, slumlord in Utrecht, has been named ‘Slumlord of the Year’ for the second time in a row. The award is an initiative of ROOD, the youth party of political party SP. Read more

Pilot for refugees in science will continue
Research financers NWO is reserving 980,000 euros for refugee academics who wish to further their careers in the Netherlands. Last year’s pilot will get a sequel named Hestia – named after the goddess who never got involved in any war. Read more

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