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Mixed feelings about smoking ban University Library city centre
Recently smoking is prohibited in the courtyard and garden of the Drift outside of the appointed smoking area. Not everyone is happy with the new rules. “I don’t really want to light my cigarette in a claustrophobic space like this.” Read more

Who are the Promising Fifteen of 2019?
DUB is looking for students who have performed exceptionally well this year and from whom we can still expect a lot. Are you or do you know a UU student who stood out in study, sports, board or (voluntary) work? Let us know. Read more

Why isn't anyone talking about the profits generated by foreign students?
Amid the wide range of concerns raised about the huge influx of foreign students, one thing can be said for certain: they are a source of public revenue. Shouldn't this knowledge help put the worries to rest? Read more

History student wants to participate in "Utrecht’s" Vuelta
The Tour of Spain ended last weekend. However, Thymen Arensman is already looking forward to next year's edition that starts in Utrecht. Hopefully, the UU student will be at the starting line on the Jaarbeursplein with the German top formation Sunweb. Read more

Government says students must learn Dutch
Universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands must ensure that their students once again learn to read and write proper Dutch, says the government. Read more

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Students in & out the city
'All students ride the same bike'
How do children in Utrecht perceive students? Teacher Simon de Wilde visited the university complex De Uithof with his first-year students. "Students scream and are often drunk." Read more

Utrecht: city of students and graduates, city of housing shortages and young women
Around one out of every ten Dutch students studies in Utrecht. Every day, more than 70,000 students have classes in the Dom City. Utrecht is indeed a true college town. But what does that mean, really? Read more

Foreign students permitted to stay longer in the United Kingdom
With Brexit fast approaching, prime minister Boris Johnson is showing a willingness to accommodate international students. As far as the PM is concerned, students may stay in the United Kingdom for up to two years after graduation. Read more

No more official car for UU Executive Board
Utrecht University has cancelled its lease contract for the last remaining official car. The UU has decided this to reduce the costs of transportation for the university’s board. Read more

Polar bear skins and termite mounds inspiration for new Van Unnik building
A giant grassy hill in the middle of De Uithof where hundreds of students and employees can study and work? UU students, scientists and property officers are brainstorming about it. First trial project: the Van Unnik building. Read more

Sustainable ‘food island’ in Educatorium as a testing ground for research
The Educatorium has a new ‘food island’ with vegetarian, sustainable products from the region. It is a Future Food Lab in which caterer Sodexo, Green Office and scientists from the university work together. Read more

Student and city
In the magazine StudentEnStad DUB investigates the relationship between Utrecht students and the city Utrecht
Discover much more at Next week, you'll find an interview with alderwoman Lot van Hooijdonk about her student life and Utrecht's future.
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