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UU gives up over a third of its building stock, sells University College property
The UU is disposing of its international campus at the Kromhout terrain. Additionally, all UU departments will have to significantly reduce their square footage in the coming years, by an average of 35 percent. Read more

No exemption for UUers for climate march
UU students who want to participate in the climate march will not be given an exemption. Employees will have to take the day off. This was announced by the Executive Board. Environmental philosopher Floris van den Berg has informed his students he will be on strike that day in order to go to the climate march. Read more

Plans to demolish student housing complex IBB
The student housing buildings at the IBB have been marked down for demolition. The buildings would then be replaced by new student housing buildings that would be more modern, sustainable, and provide housing to a larger number of students. Read more

Win tickets for Christof van der Ven in Ekko
Astonishment and optimism after fateful news UCU
UCU employees responded with shock on Monday afternoon as it was announced that they will have to leave their campus. The most important question is whether all the typical characteristics of the college can be incorporated in a new setting. Read more

Student organisations to leave Pnyx and move to De Uithof
The 36 student organisations housed in the Pnyx building at Achter St. Pieter will have to leave that building in December at the latest. They will move to the Princetonplein in Utrecht Science Park. The associations fear the downsides of the new location. Read more

‘Some mourning, but we’ll have something beautiful in its place’
President of the board Anton Pijpers and director of Corporate Real Estate & Campus Fiona van ‘t Hullenaar have quite a lot to explain after the university’s new corporate housing strategy was made public. “We’ve got something to offer as well.” Read more

‘My greatest ambition is to realise more new rooms more quickly’
Rob Donninger has been director of the SSH for half a year now and landlord to 13,000 students in Utrecht. If it were entirely up to Donninger, the SSH’s housing stock will grow substantially these coming years. Read more

Promising Fifteen 2019
Who are the Promising Fifteen of 2019?
Run4Rabies to improve public health in developing nations
Rabies still poses a threat to public health. For that reason, Veterinarians Without Borders is organising a Rub4Rabies in De Uithof to raise money to vaccinate dogs and cats in Madagascar against rabies. “Dogs can join the run as well.” Read more

‘More focus on sexual pleasure’
Women are more satisfied with their sex lives than men. A possible reason for this is that expectations of men in the bedroom are higher, says Gwenny Jongebloed, who studied the subject for her Master’s thesis. Sex education should include more focus on sexual pleasure, she says. Read more

PhD psychologist is staying longer at Utrecht University
The psychologist especially appointed for PhD candidates, will remain employed by Utrecht University for almost a year longer. With this, UU hopes to get a better picture of the issues that are present among PhD candidates. Read more

Why I’m joining the climate strike
blog PhD candidate Ana Poças calls on scientists to join the global climate strike in The Hague. Or, if they are not ready to strike, to get engaged in the climate protests in other ways. Read more

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Introducing the new student members of the University Council
One person wants a clear position from Utrecht University on internationalisation, another wants the university to sail along with the Utrecht Canal Pride next year. DUB portrays the twelve students who will join the university board on behalf of all UU students in the coming academic year. Read more

Of course foreign students should learn Dutch, says OECD
Great education is more than the right combination of quality and equity, say two researchers from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Language and culture also matter. Read more

Triton rower unconscious in bizarre Holland Eight match: ‘The light went out slowly’
In the prestigious but famously heavy Kanal Cup in Regensburg, Germany last week, two rowers passed out. In the Dutch Eight, Utrecht Law College student Jacob van de Kerkhof lost consciousness. “You can’t see anything, can’t move anymore.” Read more

Parliamentary questions about police action against Veritas members
D66 has asked parliamentary questions to the Minister of Justice and Security about police action against the students of Veritas. The political party wants to know whether the minister finds the "heavy-handed" arrest at the end of August proportional. Read more

Student and city
In the magazine StudentEnStad DUB investigates the relationship between Utrecht students and the city Utrecht
Discover much more at Next week, you'll find an interview with alderwoman Lot van Hooijdonk about her student life and Utrecht's future.
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