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From online to offline: the new dating with Breeze
Are you tired of the endless swiping and do you finally want to go on a date? At dating platform Breeze, they take online dating offline so you don't have to spend hours ‘inspecting meat’ and chatting. "Going on a date right away is a plus." Read more

UCU students are afraid of losing their campus culture
video The UU has decided to dispose of the old army terrain that has housed UCU since its inception. Students are in shock, as you can see in the video DUB made. Read more

University board faced with mistrust on the Kruyt building renovations
Biologists and chemists in the Kruyt building in De Uithof seem to have lost all confidence in the Executive Board. In an information meeting, president Anton Pijpers failed to gain the support of the Kruyt building denizens for its plans of large-scale renovations. Read more

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Round and about the university
Knowledge clips are increasingly being used in UU education
Around a thousand new knowledge clips are recorded at Utrecht University every academic year. The reuse of previously recorded clips is growing. Making short videos for education is not embraced by all teachers. Read more

Uithoflijn tram introduces measures to increase safety at pedestrian crossings
Five traffic lights and a new warning light for buses will be installed to ensure the pedestrian crossings in Utrecht Science Park become safer. The measures were taken after complaints were received. Read more

Putting the brakes on English in higher education
Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven has announced plans to introduce more stringent language policies for Dutch higher education. Read more

No end in sight to the student housing shortage
Fewer students are renting rooms since the basic student grant was rescinded. Still, new figures show that pressure on the housing market remains high, due in part to an ever-increasing number of international students coming to the Netherlands. Read more

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Spinoza Prize to become a team effort
Genius is great, but so is working together. Starting this year, teams of scientists will also be eligible for the annual Spinoza Prize, the Netherlands’ most prestigious scientific award. Read more

Failing to register a change of address costs money
Have you registered with the municipality where you live? If not, you are liable to pay a hefty fine and your municipality will be missing out on a lot of revenue. Read more

'Study drugs are overpriced rubbish'
A miracle drug that allows you to cram non-stop for days on end? Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is. Read more

‘Volkert’ teacher will not be prosecuted
The psychologist especially appointed for PhD candidates, will remain employed by Utrecht University for almost a year longer. With this, UU hopes to get a better picture of the issues that are present among PhD candidates. Read more

Discover much more at This week, you’ill find an article about the Nobel Prize in Physics two Utrecht scientists received 20 years ago.
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