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Institutional tuition fees: 'There’s a risk that international students will become cash cows'
International students pay institutional tuition fees, for a Master’s programme that cost around 16,000 euros a year. What do student unions feel about this, and why do students accept the high costs? A life long learning is implausible. Read more

Seven UU restaurants to disappear around summer 2020
Utrecht University is closing seven of its nineteen restaurants. Two of the city centre restaurants will close, one on the international campus, and four in the Science Park. “There are more locations than we can make a profit at.” Read more

Student debt rises to 19 billion euros
Total student debt in the Netherlands rose by 1.9 billion euros last year to reach a total of 19.3 billion, according to Statistics Netherlands. Read more

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Something to celebrate
King celebrates with Move Foundation
High school students, primary school pupils and college students have been joining forces for a decade in projects organised by Stichting Move (Move Foundation). The king joined them to celebrate their anniversary. Read more

UtrechtInc has been helping UUers start companies for ten years
For years now, students, alumni and scientists at Utrecht University have taken their ideas for start-ups to UtrechtInc. The incubator for starting entrepreneurs has since helped realise start-ups with millions of euros in revenue. Read more

Twenty years ago: party and cake for the UU Nobel Prizes
It’ was years ago last week that UU physicists Martinus Veltman and Gerard ‘t Hooft received word that they’d won the Nobel Prize in Physics. The award was a milestone in the history of Utrecht University. Read more

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What will Utrecht look like in 2040?
Students of Utrecht University are made to think about sustainability and the future of the city through a new app. "You think about the everyday places in the city in a different way." Read more

Faculty councils angry about lack of say in housing plan
A number of faculty councils complain about the way the university’s new corporate housing plan came into being. They wonder why they were not informed or consulted at any point during the process of creating the plan. Read more

‘Unlucky’ students demand compensation for student debt
Students who no longer receive a basic student grant have launched a playful action to demand that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte pay back their student debt. However, actually compensating them does not appear to be such an easy matter. Read more

Heading for changes for the climate
blog Symke Nieboer, student of Global Sustainability Science, is sailing to the climate conference in South-America. 'Currently, I live in a moving and rocking home.’ Read more

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