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24 12 2019
Meet our new Affiliated Researcher
Dr. Anna Mignosa
As Centre for Global Heritage and Development we are proud to introduce dr. Anna Mignosa as our newest affiliated researcher. Dr. Mignosa is a lecturer at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication where she specializes in the Economics of Culture, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Entrepreneurship & Tourism.
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Our Researchers in the Media 
‘Is it better to refrain from making any comparisons to the Holocaust?’
This month our affiliated researcher Prof. Dr. Kees Ribbens was interviewed by the major Dutch newspaper Trouw on the recent comparison made by farmers of their social treatment with the Holocaust.

Ribbens is Endowed Professor of popular historical culture at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and senior researcher at Dutch Institute for Genocide and Holocaust Studies (NIOD). His interest includes both the history of the Second World War and the memories and representations of war and mass violence in the twentieth and twenty-first century.
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‘Nuance is key when dealing with the repatriation of (looted) art’
De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper, interviewed our Academic Director Prof. Dr. Pieter ter Keurs on the subject of Colonial art collections and the repatriation of artefacts.

Ter Keurs is professor of Museums, Collections and Society at the faculties of Archaeology and Humanities, and Academic Director of the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development. He specializes in critical museums studies and the study of material culture. He wants to stimulate the use of academic and museum collections in scholarly research and scientific education. 
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Upcoming Events
Kick-off NWO project The Critical Visitor
On January 16th our partners at The Critical Visitor Project organize their inaugural celebration. This new NWO project will explore how heritage institutions, through their collections, organization and exhibitions can help develop new forms of inclusiveness and accessibility. You can register now on their webpage.
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Seminar: Combatting Cypriot Art Trafficking and Restitution
On the 23rd of January Leiden Global organizes a conference at the National Museum of Antiquities on the topic of art trafficking and the protection of Global Heritage. The speakers will be Tasoula Hadijtofi, Willi Bruggeman and Bleda Düring while Prof. dr. Pieter ter Keurs will act as moderator. Registration required, admission free.
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International Conference: Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality
From the 6th to 8th of April the 4th International Conference on The Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality will bring together again researchers, practitioners and policymakers to discuss the leading question: How to succeed in attracting tourists while simultaneously engaging all stakeholders in contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage? Our affiliated researcher dr. Maaike de Waal will be there representing the Centre for Global Heritage and Development. The conference takes place in Mendrisio Ticino, Switserland.
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Administrative News
Meet our new Communications Officer:
Raúl van Dijk Escoriza
From December 1st Raúl van Dijk Escoriza has been appointed as the new Communications Officer of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development. As Communications Officer Raúl is dedicated to further familiarize both academic circles and the general public with the Centre and its work.
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