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14 1 2021
New Year, Fresh Start
After a chequered 2020 we are looking forward to the myriad of new projects, publications and events that 2021 will bring us. Among many other things, we are fondly anticipating the publication of our 'Living (World) Heritage Cities. Insights from Archaeology and History, Geography and Social Sciences, Planning and Design' volume (Leiden University Press), and we are already working on our next summer school: Transboundary Trade of Cultural Objects. Last but not least, with vaccination programs on the way internationally, we hope to be able to welcome you once again to our events in person and discuss all things heritage. 

The Netherlands Unprepared to Protect Cultural Heritage Against Climate Change
The Dutch Government has not formulated a strategy to protect its cultural heritage against the danger of climate change, as thousands of heritage sites are at serious risk of flooding or subsidence according to dr. Sandra Fatorić. 
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Project Focus Raqqa 2.0  Receives Funding
Successor to project Focus Raqqa that will reconstruct the inventory of Raqqa Museum’s looted collection has been granted funding. The project is the initiative of the late dr. Olivier Nieuwenhuijse and is a collaboration of German, Syrian and Dutch experts.
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Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Research Development Support
The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities Alliance hosts scholars from all disciplines necessary to develop successful interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research proposals. The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Research Development Support seeks to stimulate the creation of such research proposals, and offers help in the application process of large or complex grants. 
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LDE Network
Anna Mignosa New Research Coordinator Heritage & Identity
Dr. Anna Mignosa is Assistant Professor at the University of Catania and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her expertise lies in the analysis of policies, especially cultural policies and their potential impact on society at large and the cultural sector in particular. She focuses on changes in policy making, cultural heritage and the relationship between culture and social development.
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Kaiyi Zhu Newest Affiliated Scholar 
Kaiyi Zhu is a Ph.D. candidate at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment. She is trained as an architect with interests in conservation and transformation of urban heritage. Her research mainly focuses on three aspects: transnational exchanges of ideas, pedagogies and interpretation of heritage conservation discourse in China and related policy making, and practices in urban transformation of historic neighbourhoods in cities.
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Upcoming Events
Re-Scape Colloquia: Covid-19 and its Effects on Mass Tourism in World Heritage Cities
This online Re-scape initiated by dr. Eldris Con Aguilar aims to gain new insights from the specific experiences of local and international experts in the fields of heritage tourism, heritage education, digital humanities, and historical archaeology in order to understand the effects of COVID-19 on tourism and heritage.
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Workshop Securing Data in Ancient Mesopotamia: New Technologies for Secured Cuneiform Tablets
This Lorentz Workshop seeks to formulate a new multidisciplinary research agenda in regard to the investigation into geomaterials and man-made objects. Cuneiform tablets will serve as a case study for testing and evaluating in a scientific way newly developed techniques and algorithms for (virtual) modelling. Besides, our research on Mesopotamia’s ancient communication systems will be based on the physical study of clay tablets.
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Landscape Biography Training
This three day course aims to acquaintance urban, design and spatial planning professionals with the landscape biography method. It is specifically relevant to those interested in the upcoming Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet). The course will be given in Dutch only.  
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Call for Abstracts ICAHM: Towards a People-Centred Approach Conference
In present-day heritage management the UN Sustainable Development Goals are important topics, in which people and societal needs take a central stage. In archaeology it is not always apparent if such a people-centred approach can be achieved and if so in what way. In particular in a development-led practice it is not obvious. In the ICAHM 2021 Annual Meeting we will explore the possibilities of how these topics can be addressed in an inspirational manner. It will be based on experiences by professionals and the diverse stakeholder communities
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