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The EPB Center provides tailored information and technical assistance for all involved stakeholders, such as industry, researchers, engineers, building professionals, financial institutions, national standards bodies, EU Member States.

If you are one such stakeholder and have unanswered question or would just like to share your experience we highly encourage you to go ahead and please contact us.

We are here to support you in all your activities related to the set of Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) standards
EPB Standards - harmonized but no "One-size-fits-all"!
The set of EBP Standards is internationally harmonized. However, this does not imply that it is Öne-size-fits-all": Clearly identified options and nationale data remain necessary due to differences in climate, culture and building tradition, building typologies, building use, policy and legal frameworks (including the type of level of quality control en enforcement). This is foreseen in the set of EPB Standards via optiones that can be chosen according to a specific template: the "Annex A/Annex B approach".
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The EPB Center aims disseminates knowledge and promotes the use of the set of EPB standards.

By providing a diverse range of services, such as development of tools and case studies, FAQs on various topics related to the EPB standards, specific technical support to complete the National Annexes of the overarching EPB standards as required by the EPBD, organization of workshops and webinars for all involved stakeholders, such as EU Member States, National Standards Bodies, industry, researchers, engineers building professionals and financial institutions.

Just contact here the EPB Center’s experts!
Want to quickly sink in the topic of EPB Standards?

Watch the recordings ot top European experts discussing about the EPB Standards from different perspectives during the dedicated CLIMA 2019 workshop organized in cooperation with REHVA, EPEE, EVIA and the contribution of ALDREN and CEN-CE H2020 project.
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Implementing the set of EPB Standards in each EU Member State would not only be a total game changer for all involved stakeholders, it would actually ensure the needed holistic approach and transparency for mobilising investments to improve the performance and decarbionise EU's building stock.
Dick van Dijk, EPB Center expert
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EPB Standards - why a holistic approach?

Because the holistic approach and the modular structure the set of EPB Standards are the perfect basis for future developments like innovations, new insight and new market demands.
The holistic or systemic approach implies that all types of building related energy uses (heating, lighting, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation) and outdoor climatic and local conditions, as well as indoor climate requirements are considered. The overall energy performance of a building or of a cluster of buildings may be strongly influenced by the sometimes complex and dynamic interactions between the various aspects.

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EPB Center EC service contract
The European Commission awarded a service contract to support the uptake of the Energy Performance of Buildings standards by providing tailored information, technical assistance and capacity building services for involved stakeholders. The EPB Center will be the communication platform to offer these services.

Service Contract ENER/C3/2017-437/SI2-785.185 Support the dissemination and roll-out of the set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards developed under EC Mandate M/480.
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Be sure to check out the FAQ available on EPB Center webiste. started to publish series of frequently asked questions on a wide range of topics related to the EPB standards. What is the set of EPB standards? Are the EPB standards only relevant in Europe? How does the set of EPB standards take into account national differences? How should I fill in a so called “National Annex”?

We are sure you have unanswered questions, so please go ahead and contact us!
ISO and CEN, The Road Ahead

Up until now, 17 of the EPB standards are EN ISO standards: the overarching EPB standard, plus the EPB standards on building and building components (ISO/TC 163 in cooperation with CEN/TC 89). The other 30 EPB standards are up until now only available at European (CEN) level. The intention is to come (eventually) to a complete and consistent set of ISO (EN ISO) standards on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB). See recent uptakes of standardization activities at ISO level.
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